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Twins Rubes was started in 2010 by 4 brothers who grew up in the Northwest corner of Minnesota rooting for the Twins, Wolves, Vikings, Gophers, and North Stars/Wild.  We all currently live in the Fargo/Moorhead area and live and die for 6 months every summer with the hometown nine – well, the home state nine.  We decided to start getting our emotions, thoughts, and um, expertise (I use that word loosely) down on virtual paper – also known as the World Wide Web.  We started writing here, and recently decided to expand more locally into Area Voices.

We generally have a positive outlook on the Twins, but sometimes find it challenging to combat the natural negativity that seems to follow Minnesota sports wherever it goes.

We would really appreciate it if you followed us on Twitter, so you can stay up to date with everything we put together; and ideally expand your Twins knowledge and fan-hood along the way!

Contact us @twinsrubes on Twitter or email: nathan.aakre@yahoo.com

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